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We will take your project through the following stages up to completion:

+ Visiting the space and analyzing the basic requirements

The first meeting consists of analyzing the space and agreeing on a few details, such as: the atmosphere desired, the style of the design, budget allocation as well as the end result the prospective customer wishes to achieve. This is necessary in order to make a price offer and in order to set a time frame for the completion of the project.

+ Preparing the price offer

The price is calculated as follows: + location (private or public); + style (modern, minimalist, classic); + total space area (sqm); + time frame. The price offer will be sent by e-mail within 24h after the first meeting.

The payment can be made in three instalments: 1. 50% down payment upon signing the contract. 2. 25% after the 3D renderings is approved by the client. 3. 25% upon the completion of the project, and after handing all the technical details involved.

+ Taking space measurements

Upon receiving the down payment, what follows is taking the required space measurements and the photos necessary for completing the 3D project. The latter will contain accurate renditions of space quotas.

+ Suggesting a sketches portfolio

3D renderings allow for a liberty of making various partitions and arrangements of the space in order to create variants in the form of concept sketches. The variants chosen by the client will be used in creating the 3D project. A meeting will be necessary for presenting drawings, accompanied by photos or collages for an as accurate as possible rendition of the final outlook of the work.

+ The 3D project

Elaborating the 3D project is the most exhaustive phase as it takes into account local market possibilities as well as existing materials and materials which need to be ordered elsewhere. Also, everything which is integrated by the designers in this project will later be created by the producers and artists we collaborate with (ex. furniture, false walls, decorative items and lighting devices).

+ Presenting the 3D project

At the moment of the presentation of the 3D project, changes can still be made per customer request (change of colours, textures, lighting, etc).

+ Making the project portfolio (quotas as well as the necessary)

The portfolio comprises all sorts of details which include: the electrical system, air conditioning, the heating system, changes in walls/ceilings (with quotas for each section) overall dimensions of the furniture, colour codes, necessary materials (flooring, tiles, wallpaper, etc.). This portfolio can be sent to the producers, the suppliers and to all our collaborators in order to receive a price estimate. Upon request, the customers can choose to handle this themselves.

+ Consultancy

Consultancy consists of assisting the customer in making the right choices in purchasing materials, lighting devices, decorations as well as providing the best solutions in terms of ergonomics and aesthetic organization of the space. If the designer is going with the client to search for products he will be paid /hour according the the agreed price offer.

+ Assistance

It consists of occasional visits on site at the request of the customer, collaborators or specialists involved, so as to ensure an optimal deployment and implementation of the project. If the designer is being called to give assistance at the implemented location he will be paid /hour according the the agreed price offer.