Submarine Pub

Romanian version 

Travel Diary. Project “Submarine”:

2012 – Currently working on the interior design of club  THE ONE

2014 – The Joben Bistro story

March 2014 –  We are embarking on a new project. The initiative comes from a former client, the same one we succesfully collaborated with in creating Joben Bistro. This time, we are to recreate the interior design of the space of the former club THE ONE

20146th Sense Interiors  come up with the idea of a themed pub meant to faithfully render the interior of a submarine. The vault shaped ceiling as well as the wagon shaped space divided in two different rooms seem perfect for this kind of design. “Submarine”, in its final form, will have a large and small room, each with its own bar according to their size, together  with a small booth.

According to the concept idea, the design was supposed to include several details that are commonly found inside any submarine: control panels, periscopes, visible pipes, bolted metal doors, torpedoes, radars, maps. “Submarine” includes two serving bars that have the shape of a submarine made of metal, an antiaircraft booth for the DJ desk, and mobile torpedoes moving on the ceiling. The small room is called the Engine room,  because of the big propeller powered by engines.

Spring 2014 – We create concept sketches and the image documentary. We offer additional advice and assistance. It all ends suddenly. The Submarine project and its original concept design created by 6sense is taken over by Nado. The execution of the metal structures is done by  Elderom (0729400131). The pub is designed in industrial style with steampunk features.

May 2015 – The submarine was launched at sea


The small room (engine room)

The large room


Submarine concept sketches

The concept for the design of the arches in the small room was to dress them in studded sheet and decorative sheet with carved in circles.

Different options for walls in the small room: large propulsion propeller  + pistons or engines.

Suggestion for decorating the walls in the large room: imitation of a submarine command panel, old monitors, watches, cameras, mobile crane holding a torpedo up on the ceiling.

Access staircase to Dj box + booth

Decorations for the design of the metal pole in the large bar: vertical torpedo, water tube with oxygen bubbles and cranes. Suggestion for decorating the the entrance door.

Antiaircraft booth for DJ desk

Suggestion for decorating access staircase to the bar: metallic structure coated with wire mesh and thick pipe railings with faucets.

Upholstery sofas in metal frames dressed in wire mesh and illuminated with led tape.

The back of the large bar: Metal frame shelves for bottle display + wire mesh with led tape lighting.

The large bar, which has the shape of a submarine, is made of thick metal sheet and platband decorated with metal rivets.

An adaptation of DJ box from our previous project for  The One was now transformed into the smaller bar in the small room.

Suggestion for decorating the walls between the metal arches dressed in  barrisol also in our previous project for The One. Plasterboard walls colored with metallic paint, patina metal immitation decorated with metal rivets. Portholes with plasma screens in the back.


Space planning and wiring


and suggestions for decorating, textures, materials, lighting fixtures:

Logo suggestion, source: Tumblr

Photo set by Misu Vass

Client: Barempire


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