English version Il  tema del bar  ѐ ispirato dalla leggenda del Kraken, che ѐ  molto probabilmente il più grande mostro mai immaginato dall’uomo. Nel folkloristico nord, circolavano voci che infestavano i mari della Norvegia attraverso l’Islanda  fino ad arrivare alla Groenlandia. Naturalmente, per essere degno della sua natura, il Kraken aveva una particolare inclinazione per la carne umana. Le leggende su […]

Romanian version  This bar was inspired by Kraken, which  is perhaps the largest monster ever imagined by mankind. In Nordic folklore, it was said to haunt the seas from Norway through Iceland and all the way to Greenland. Of course, to be worth its salt, a monster needs to have a taste for human flesh. Legends say that the Kraken could devour a […]

Romanian version  BUNKER – Bunker is a theme bar set into the post-apocalyptic future, where not much has left of the world as we know it. Territories are controlled by clans, the world is wrapped into clouds of ash and toxic gases, rivers are polluted, cities destroyed. A group of survivors has created a safe haven in the bar, where they […]

Kaffeine English version Από  αμνημονεύτων  χρόνων , η  ανθρωπότητα  ήταν  απασχολημένη  με εφευρέσεις , παθιασμένη  στο να φέρει το καινούργιο στη μουντή  ρουτίνα  της  καθημερινής  ζωής .Οι  εφευρέσεις  έδωσαν  σχήμα  στο  κόσμο  που  ζούμε  σήμερα .Κάθε  μέρα  επωφελούμαστε  από  τις  ιδέες  και  το έργο  των  μεγάλων  εφευρετών .Το  “Kaffeine” επινοήθηκε  με  τρόπο  ώστε  να  δημιουργεί  μια ζεστή  ατμόσφαιρα  με αριστοκρατικές  […]

Kaffeine Romanian version  Greek version Since time immemorial, humankind has been preoccupied by inventions, passionate about bringing novelty into the jaded routine of the everyday life. Inventions have given shape to the world we live in. Every day we benefit from the ideas and work of the great inventors. The café has been conceived in a way that to evoke a warm atmosphere […]

Romanian version  Photos&Video: Gabriel Rosca We all have to admit that we’ve all thought at least once in our lifetime about going back or forward in time. Whether what we ever wanted to do was to change something or simply to give way to an impulse of sheer curiosity, the notion of time is one of the most tempting there is and […]

Romanian version We will take your project through the following stages up to completion: + Visiting the space and analyzing the basic requirements The first meeting consists of analyzing the space and agreeing on a few details, such as: the atmosphere desired, the style of the design, budget allocation as well as the end result the prospective customer wishes to […]

Romanian version  Travel Diary. Project “Submarine”: 2012 – Currently working on the interior design of club  THE ONE 2014 – The Joben Bistro story March 2014 –  We are embarking on a new project. The initiative comes from a former client, the same one we succesfully collaborated with in creating Joben Bistro. This time, we are to recreate the interior design of the space of […]