Q Caffe – about people.  People. Dreams. Noise. Speed. Constraints. Fears. Masks. Trials. Failure. Flight. Liberation. Our world… HUMAN? Entirely different from any other café, Q Caffe illustrates an actual story through its decor, about man and his strivings in a hierarchical and limiting society. Built in collaboration with 6th Sense Interiors and lots of other first grade artists, having […]

English version Tematica barului este inspirată din legenda Kraken, care este probabil cel mai mare monstru imaginat vreodată de omenire. In folclorul nordic, se spunea că bântuie mările din Norvegia prin Islanda și tot drumul spre Groenlanda. Desigur, pentru a fi demn de natura sa, Kraken trebuia să aibă un gust pentru carne umană. Legendele spun că Kraken ar putea devora întregul […]

Romanian version  Travel Diary. Project “Submarine”: 2012 – Currently working on the interior design of club  THE ONE 2014 – The Joben Bistro story March 2014 –  We are embarking on a new project. The initiative comes from a former client, the same one we succesfully collaborated with in creating Joben Bistro. This time, we are to recreate the interior design of the space of […]